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Care tips for garden-furniture

Care and Maintenance Tipps

We are pleased to share our experience with you, regarding the ideal care and maintenance for your garden-furniture to make sure you'll enjoy your new Jet-Line product for a long time. Anyway we have to point out that we cannot assume any liability for the application of these tipps.


no extensive care required

Light soiling:
Can be removed with clear water and a soft brush or cloth.


  • mild solvent with water and conventional household cleaning agents
  • Plastic cleaner
  • Special antistatic spray (available in drugstores)


no extensive care required


Natural weathering leaves the surface of all teak-furniture with a silvery patina. This does by no means cause any damage to the furniture, but rather adds a unique character to the wood.


If you want to avoid the so-called patina-effect, you have the possibility to treat your furniture with a special oil. This treatment should be repeated 1 - 4 times a year. You should renew the treatment before the former oil-film disapears completely, to make sure that no humidity seeps into the wood. In winter you should protect your wooden furniture from the elements. Please store them save but not too dry.

Stainless Steel

barely any care required


Stainless steel cleaner helps to protect your furniture from rust-bloom or removes the same. It can also be used to remove fingerprints.

Persistant contamination:

A cleaning stone can be helpful to remove persistant contamination.




Only mild soapy-water without chemical adhesives should be used, as the later might be harmful for the aluminium-material.


Water-repellent fabric

Seat-cushions can be cleaned with a soft brush or cloth. In case of rather persistant contamination, a mild cleaning lance will help.



  • Brush off coarse dirt, before it determines into the tissue
  • Stains can be removed with mild soapy-water, a soft brush or cloth
  • Let the soap-solution react for a short moment, then remove the remaining soap with clear water
  • Leave the fabric out to airdry