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Garden Decoration

Garden decorations - no garden can do without you. Garden decoration is a must for every garden in which you want to feel at home. After all, you have made your home a place where you feel comfortable with decorations. Garden decorations can add the finishing touch to your garden in different types and variations. Whether through a large and relaxing hammock or a small but fine flower pot. No matter what you choose. You can't go wrong. A garden carpet or a garden fountain? What should it be for? Think carefully about what is best for your garden and rest assured that you will get it delivered in the best quality in our online shop. We help you to optimize your garden with our garden decorations and to create an ideal result.

Were we able to convince you of our garden decorations? Then let's go. Let yourself be inspired by the multitude of our offers in our online shop and you will soon be able to enjoy garden decorations in your garden. We are happy to be there for you via the online chat and answer all your questions or advise you on the subject of garden decorations. We look forward to seeing you and wish you a lot of fun with your new products. Give your garden a touch of home too.

More sub categories:

Outdoor Rugs

Whether for the balcony, terrace and garden or by the pool and in front of the mobile home: Outdoor carpets are not only trendy, but also practical and offer comfort in areas that were previously "carpet-free". Thanks to easy-care polypropylene fibers, these carpets are particularly robust and easy to clean. The waterproof yarns can be easily cleaned with a garden hose or in a similarly simple way and can therefore withstand rain and other weather conditions without any problems.


What you should know about hammocks:

With or without a spreader stick?

In contrast to the standard hammock model without a spreader stick, hammocks with a spreader stick are becoming increasingly popular.
In a hammock with a spreader stick you lie fairly flat, which is why less space is required when using it. In contrast to a hammock without a spreader stick, you need more space to store a hammock with a spreader stick when you are not using it.

A hammock with a spreader stick is in principle a little more unstable than one without this stick. So it's a little easier to fall out because you're lying on the hammock rather than in it. You can enjoy more seclusion in a hammock without a spreader stick. Depending on how much privacy you value, you can lie straight or a little more inclined in your hammock. The fabric envelops you as it were. For the sun worshipers among us, a hammock with a spreader stick is best because, as I said, you're lying straight on the fabric.


Flower pots and planters

In the Jet-Line range you will find an incredibly tasteful selection of decorative and practical flower pots and plant bowls in various shapes, colors and sizes. From modern to classic and elegant, from noble silk matt to concrete look, from elegant charisma to rustic charm - you will find exactly the right thing in our online shop!

The range includes smaller pots as well as large bowls and even elongated plant pots that are suitable as practical room dividers or elegant dividing elements. The flower pots and plant bowls are made of high quality synthetic resins, which have been reinforced with glass fibers. This material is light, stable, dimensionally stable, frost-resistant, weather-resistant and particularly easy to care for. Thus, these versatile pots and bowls are suitable for indoor plants as well as for use in the garden and on your terrace. Whether as an ensemble or as a single piece, the planters in our range are an absolute eye-catcher!

Take a look at our range in our tent sales or order one of the beautiful flower pots or one of the fantastic plant bowls from Jet-Line Herbertingen today.