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Sun Protection

Sun protection is an important topic nowadays. Of course we all want to enjoy the beautiful weather and feel good in our garden or on the balcony. But please don't underestimate the sun. It is nice for everyone to be able to tan, but sun worship quickly turns into a nightmare of sunburn or sunstroke. And the dream of sunbathing is over. Or would you like to have lunch with your family outside and the sun is just too hot? We offer you a solution for all these problems. Sun protection. Whatever form you need sun protection, we have it. From awnings to indoor blinds, you will definitely get what you are looking for in our online shop. So enjoy the beautiful weather in the future without the risk of getting burned. Please do not forget that sun protection is also important for the skin in the shade.

Are you now curious about our sun protection? Then take a look at our online shop from home and find the product that is best for you. If you have any questions or would like advice, we will be happy to help you with our online chat. We look forward to contacting you and wish you a lot of fun with your new sun protection.

More sub categories:

Indoor Sight-Protection

External roller blinds, vertical or vertical awnings An excellent way of protecting your balcony or terrace from UV rays and heat is what is known as vertical shading, which is also known as vertical or vertical awning. You can easily attach them between the balcony ceiling and the railing, but also outside on the window. An external roller blind does not only serve as sun protection, but also protects you from prying eyes and protects you from the wind. In addition, this awning model protects against light wind and stores the heat on the balcony in the colder season. So you can enjoy the days and evenings on the balcony carefree and, above all, undisturbed. Are you looking for privacy and sun protection for your balcony at a low price? We offer these with and without a cassette from Jet-Line.